Van Tuijl is keen to share your thinking

Do you have specific raw materials? Are you planning to launch a new formula onto the market? Do your product need to be processed? Are you wondering what the cost price of production actually is? Discover the strengths of Van Tuijl.

The basis for top quality

Van Tuijl is your partner in animal feed production. As a service organisation we process the raw materials, handle recalled products and manufacture animal feed commissioned by third parties. We start from your formula or recipe and use your raw materials as our basis. We aim for top quality across the entire chain of meat production through to consumption. It is not without good reason that we are fully compliant with the relevant HACCP and GMP+ standards.

Our history

P.C. van Tuijl is founded in 1962 at the Dorpsstraat in Opheusden. The founder of the company, Mr. P.C. van Tuijl, was a millers son. Since he was young, he learned to grind in the mill of his father. As a young man he worked for a while as a representative in animal feed business. After that, he started a company in compound feed for livestock. When compounding recipes, he worked accurately and liked it to improve the product after getting feedback from his clients.

In 1970, P.C. van Tuijl Kesteren B.V. moves to the Tielsestraat in Opheusden. In 1975, the compound feed company changed into service delivery in animal feed. Because of the increasing production of young animal feed, in 1987 an new branch is opened at the Batterijenweg in Kesteren. Consequently, location Opheusden has got more space to grow in activities like milling, pressing and drying. Soon, it turns out that more capacity to dry was necessary. Hence, a third subsidiary is opened on the Marsdijk in Lienden. Henceforth, this location will be to pack out and dry wet and packed products.

Meanwhile, the sons of Mr. P.C. van Tuijl also join the company. In 1997, the official takeover takes place. After that, the different branches of the company are aggrandized and become more modern. For example, there is invested in a milling-, extruding-, mixing- and bagging-line. Moreover, the possibilities to store products in bulk and bagged goods are increased. Meanwhile, there is started with building a packaging line at the branch in Lienden.

Our team

You may consider Van Tuijl as your partner in the production of animal feeds.

Kees van Tuijl

Owner & Quality


Gerard van Tuijl

Owner & HR


Pieter Roos

Commercial manager


Jacob van Tuijl

Owner & Sales


Jan van Eldik

Location manager Kesteren


Wim van den Dikkenberg

Location manager Lienden


Niek Augustinus

Location manager Opheusden


Henk Nab

Production planner Kesteren


Pieter van Tuijl C. son

Quality manager


Corné van Herwijnen

Corporate security manager


Carolien Kraaij

Financial manager


Daniëlle van der Linden

Financial assistant


Hannah Meijsen

Logistical planner


Woutera van Gessel

Management assistent


Teuniëlle Veenhof

Management assistent


Joëlle Kroon

Management assistent


Adriana Klaassen

Management assistent